let the brain do the job. 

“Kok ga cerita sih?”

“Kok bisa?” 

“Kok dadakan banget sih?” 

Masih ada banyak macam pertanyaan yang keluar dari mulut orang-orang yang pada awalnya tidak mau berpikir dulu sebelum mengucap atau judge

Setiap manusia memang diciptakan berdasarkan satu citra. Memiliki lima indera. 

Namun kepribadian, perasaan dan pemikiran mereka berbeda. 

Tidak bisa semua di cap sama dengan kalian. 

Kamu tidak akan tahu kalau teman kerja mu yang selalu tertawa dan selalu ceria itu ternyata memiliki masalah finansial yang cukup besar. Yang membuatnya sedih dan stress setiap kali menginjak rumah. Namun kamu sering menyindirnya sombong atau pelit ketika ia menolak ajakanmu untuk hangout atau makan siang di restoran. 

Kamu tidak akan tahu kalo dibalik tolakan teman mu yang mengatakan sudah kenyang meski baru memakan porsi sedikit itu ternyata memiliki penyakit diabetes atau kolestrol sehingga ia harus menjaga pola makannya. Namun kamu sering mengejeknya sok diet atau bahkan memaksanya dengan memberikan seporsi lagi. Niat baik tidak selalu harus dipaksa jika yang ingin diberikan sudah menolak. 

Kamu tidak akan tahu ketika ejekan fisik yang kamu anggap hanya candaan itu telah menyakiti perasaannya berlipat ganda. Dia tidak meminta untuk terlahir dengan fisik seperti itu. 

Setelah kamu tahu alasannya, kamu baru mau berhenti. Berpura-pura perhatian dengan bertanya mengapa tidak pernah cerita, mengapa terjadi mendadak sekali padahal selama ini terlihat baik-baik saja.

Tidak semua orang memiliki sifat drama seperti kalian yang ingin seluruh dunia tau masalah apa yang sedang kalian alami. 

Tidak semua orang memiliki sifat pamer kalian yang ingin seluruh dunia tau kalau kalian ingin lebih sehat, lebih baik. 

Tidak semua orang memiliki sifat yang ingin seluruh dunia tau kalau dia baru saja membantu seseorang. 

Cukup kalian bertanya sekali kepada mereka dan terima lah apa pun jawaban mereka. Setidaknya kamu sudah peduli kepadanya. Setidaknya peran kamu sebagai teman sudah ada. 

Jangan memaksa, mengejek bahkan menyudutkannya dengan beragam pertanyaan yang sebenarnya bukan urusan kamu. 

Terkadang ada baiknya untuk tidak peduli. 

Diam itu memang emas. Tapi harus liat kondisi juga. Perlu apa tidak. 

Berargumen memang baik. Tapi harus tau kondisi juga. 

Otak diciptakan untuk berpikir. Cobalah lebih sering digunakan sebelum melakukan suatu hal. Coba pikirkan hal terburuknya dulu sebelum yang senang-senangnya. 

Lebih baik berjaga-jaga akan musibah daripada pasrah dan merasa semua akan baik-baik saja. 

Terlalu sering berpikir positif terkadang tidak menjamin hidup kamu akan baik. 

selalu memikirkan hal yang ada di luar kotak. 


it’s looks fun for being vegan! 

her vegetarian foods looks yummy!

wow really easy for being vegan! 

the foods are so peaceful! 

Many thoughts come after watching “what I eat in a day (vegan)” on Youtube. 

I challenge myself for being vegetarian (not vegan) this week. Today is my last day. 

I live in Indonesia where is really hard to find organic food in this country. 

I rarely found a vegan video which is coming from Indonesia. 

The price of organic foods in Indonesia are too damn expensive. 

Lets say coconut oil, olive oil, almond milk (it’s hard to find this kind of milk in Indonesian groceries), muesli, granola (I ordered granola from Bali, I lived in Tangerang), chickpeas and many more. 

I started my first day by having a “gado-gado” as my lunch. I don’t take breakfast (ain’t nobody got time for that). It’s consist of spinach, tempeh, snake beans, tofu and potatoes with peanut sauce as dressing. I eat them for two days in a row, without hestitate. 

I do left the creamer for my coffee and let them black and bitter. 

On the third day my mom made “nasi uduk”, that is rice with coconut milk so yummy, and she made fried tofu. So that’s my lunch. 

on the fourth day, I only eat granola at home (it’s Vesakh’s day) for breakfast and my mom made me chinese okra with rice noodles. 

the fifth day, I got vegetarian kebab for lunch at the office. the taste really odd. too much red bean and mushroom. bad combination. 

on the sixth day, it’s Saturday, I made my own food. I made fried tempeh and baby potatoes with black bean sauce. superb! I got “sayur asam” and my leftover breakfast for dinner. But my plan crashes because I ordered a cup of latte which is using milk. wtf. they didn’t have soya. too bad. 

on the seventh day, that would be tomorrow after I post this blog, I am going to eat more granola with black sticky rice and coconut milk for breakfast, then eat more “sayur asam” with boiled corn for dinner. I don’t take lunch on weekend. 


holy grail for my lips.

it’s good to be back. 

been rushing with some stuff at work and wasting my energy. 

today I will share some liquid stuffs which really good on me and they are my holy grail. 

L E T T U C E   B E G I N 

after running out my Echo Park, I decided to trying Wet ‘n Wild new babies, the Catsuit Matte Cream. 
the first one is this purple one which made an outstanding results on my lips, Rebel Rose

the product is really good, so creamy and what makes me happy is THIS FORMULA DIDN’T CRACK ON MY LIPS. 

You know that I have dry lips problems and I don’t know why my lips really moist these whole months even using Catsuit which is has the “matte” result. 

The second one is Give Me Mocha

well, I was hoping for “mocha” thing will show up on my lips after applying the catsuit. But it turn maroon but yeah I still lovin’ it. 

I will buy them again after they runs out and I hope Catsuit series will come to Indonesian Drugstores!! 💕💕

The last one is come from my favorite brand NYX. Never get enough. 

Finally I have this baby, the Lingerie


what a beautiful packaging and color. 


even the color, Push-Up, is to pale on my skin color but I do like the result while combining with the give me mocha or my another maroon lipstick. I’m using it as “seals/second layer” to protecting my first layer so my maroon lips will stay longer. 

Well this is the end of the review. Not so review and sorry for not giving you guys my “swatches” pictures of my lips because I don’t have perfect lips and I can’t applying lipstick as professional as them. 


au revoir. 


Happy Easter, everyone. may God always be with you. *sounds familiar with this quote?*

So finally i’ve got a very long long weekend from Friday to Sunday. 3 days off in a row are the days that everybody dreaming for.

since I don’t have any interest in going out to some places, so i just stay in my room and do many things except sleeping.

you are unbreakable while you having unlimited 10/mbps of wifi and a smartphone. you’re untouchable. even the ghosts around you are exhausted to making you scared and being haunted.

so what is exactly am i doing with my phone?

  1. Netflix – i’ve been join this family since Sherlock and it to be continued until Riverdale and many more.
  2. YouTube – tutorial, the how to video, cooking show, music, comedy, and many things. unlimited of happiness. IMG_4693
  3. Spotify – your holiday will be freakin boring without music. IMG_4692
  4. Soundcloud – discover some new musics by some unrated singer or music maker. I guarantee you won’t pissed off after listening their remake or remixes. IMG_4701
  5. Kindle – don’t be lazy. buy some e-books and let’s see how far is your imagination growing. IMG_4696
  6. Editing – snap, edit and post it to instagram. why not?IMG_4697
  7. Shopping – enjoy yourself at least your cart is not empty. IMG_4698
  8. The Sims – you better build another life and ruined it or love it whatever you want instead of ruining another people’s life by hatin’ them, bullying them on social media. you need to know if your life are worst than them. IMG_4695
  9. Pinterest – go make some do-it-yourself things, simply but lookin good foods, or go healthy by following step by step on pinterest. IMG_4694
  10. Buzzfeed – my favorite application at the moment. i following them on Youtube (damn I love The Try Guys!!!!). There are some articles about what happening right now from around the world, quiz (u shld try their quizzes are fun!), and some videos such as the famous “Tasty”.IMG_4691

aaaaaand that’s all.

life isn’t as boring as you can imagine. you can always makes your life fun even only using a smartphone.

Happy Holy-day!

everything sucks.

what is “sucks” on my opinion? 

when you’ve change your provider (for thousand times) for good but in reality you got no signal wherever you need it the most. *true story* 

when you really need to eat something but your appetite doesn’t want to. 

when you want to go home so badly but there’s a lot of works to do.


when you want to going home early but your boss didn’t mention it. 

when you’re subscribers on Netflix but your favorite tv show doesn’t appears for weeks… and suddenly you unsubscribe it..

and it appears just right after you unsubscribe it. *F!*

when your left earphone doesn’t work. *and you can’t live without those pairs*

when you really want to go to workout but your ass says no.

when you just regret something big.

when you want to be lonely but doesn’t want to get left behind.

when you want to listening to music but you hate noises.

when it comes to “ibu ibu” 

when your favorite super-light-sparkling-orange-peachy-expensive-backpack just got a little-but-you-can-see-it marks of blue pen. 

when you bought some clothes online but it looks odd on you.

when you bought your dream shoes but its too damn hurt for daily used. 

when you really want wearing dress or skirt but you need to take a motorcycle. 

when you really want to bring simple bag in medium size but you-just-can’t. *too much stuff to bring* *mostly unimportant things* 

when you accidentally reading comments on public figures’s instagram and that’s just rude. really really rude.

when you just want to show to the world about your hobby in photography and you just want to share some photos of you having a great time with great makeup and clothes, but suddenly there are stupid comments appears from stupid people, talking about your clothes about your look. 

you’re not perfect, bitch. 

and what else? 

i’m done with this worlds.