it’s looks fun for being vegan! 

her vegetarian foods looks yummy!

wow really easy for being vegan! 

the foods are so peaceful! 

Many thoughts come after watching “what I eat in a day (vegan)” on Youtube. 

I challenge myself for being vegetarian (not vegan) this week. Today is my last day. 

I live in Indonesia where is really hard to find organic food in this country. 

I rarely found a vegan video which is coming from Indonesia. 

The price of organic foods in Indonesia are too damn expensive. 

Lets say coconut oil, olive oil, almond milk (it’s hard to find this kind of milk in Indonesian groceries), muesli, granola (I ordered granola from Bali, I lived in Tangerang), chickpeas and many more. 

I started my first day by having a “gado-gado” as my lunch. I don’t take breakfast (ain’t nobody got time for that). It’s consist of spinach, tempeh, snake beans, tofu and potatoes with peanut sauce as dressing. I eat them for two days in a row, without hestitate. 

I do left the creamer for my coffee and let them black and bitter. 

On the third day my mom made “nasi uduk”, that is rice with coconut milk so yummy, and she made fried tofu. So that’s my lunch. 

on the fourth day, I only eat granola at home (it’s Vesakh’s day) for breakfast and my mom made me chinese okra with rice noodles. 

the fifth day, I got vegetarian kebab for lunch at the office. the taste really odd. too much red bean and mushroom. bad combination. 

on the sixth day, it’s Saturday, I made my own food. I made fried tempeh and baby potatoes with black bean sauce. superb! I got “sayur asam” and my leftover breakfast for dinner. But my plan crashes because I ordered a cup of latte which is using milk. wtf. they didn’t have soya. too bad. 

on the seventh day, that would be tomorrow after I post this blog, I am going to eat more granola with black sticky rice and coconut milk for breakfast, then eat more “sayur asam” with boiled corn for dinner. I don’t take lunch on weekend. 



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