Happy Easter, everyone. may God always be with you. *sounds familiar with this quote?*

So finally i’ve got a very long long weekend from Friday to Sunday. 3 days off in a row are the days that everybody dreaming for.

since I don’t have any interest in going out to some places, so i just stay in my room and do many things except sleeping.

you are unbreakable while you having unlimited 10/mbps of wifi and a smartphone. you’re untouchable. even the ghosts around you are exhausted to making you scared and being haunted.

so what is exactly am i doing with my phone?

  1. Netflix – i’ve been join this family since Sherlock and it to be continued until Riverdale and many more.
  2. YouTube – tutorial, the how to video, cooking show, music, comedy, and many things. unlimited of happiness. IMG_4693
  3. Spotify – your holiday will be freakin boring without music. IMG_4692
  4. Soundcloud – discover some new musics by some unrated singer or music maker. I guarantee you won’t pissed off after listening their remake or remixes. IMG_4701
  5. Kindle – don’t be lazy. buy some e-books and let’s see how far is your imagination growing. IMG_4696
  6. Editing – snap, edit and post it to instagram. why not?IMG_4697
  7. Shopping – enjoy yourself at least your cart is not empty. IMG_4698
  8. The Sims – you better build another life and ruined it or love it whatever you want instead of ruining another people’s life by hatin’ them, bullying them on social media. you need to know if your life are worst than them. IMG_4695
  9. Pinterest – go make some do-it-yourself things, simply but lookin good foods, or go healthy by following step by step on pinterest. IMG_4694
  10. Buzzfeed – my favorite application at the moment. i following them on Youtube (damn I love The Try Guys!!!!). There are some articles about what happening right now from around the world, quiz (u shld try their quizzes are fun!), and some videos such as the famous “Tasty”.IMG_4691

aaaaaand that’s all.

life isn’t as boring as you can imagine. you can always makes your life fun even only using a smartphone.

Happy Holy-day!


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