everything sucks.

what is “sucks” on my opinion? 

when you’ve change your provider (for thousand times) for good but in reality you got no signal wherever you need it the most. *true story* 

when you really need to eat something but your appetite doesn’t want to. 

when you want to go home so badly but there’s a lot of works to do.


when you want to going home early but your boss didn’t mention it. 

when you’re subscribers on Netflix but your favorite tv show doesn’t appears for weeks… and suddenly you unsubscribe it..

and it appears just right after you unsubscribe it. *F!*

when your left earphone doesn’t work. *and you can’t live without those pairs*

when you really want to go to workout but your ass says no.

when you just regret something big.

when you want to be lonely but doesn’t want to get left behind.

when you want to listening to music but you hate noises.

when it comes to “ibu ibu” 

when your favorite super-light-sparkling-orange-peachy-expensive-backpack just got a little-but-you-can-see-it marks of blue pen. 

when you bought some clothes online but it looks odd on you.

when you bought your dream shoes but its too damn hurt for daily used. 

when you really want wearing dress or skirt but you need to take a motorcycle. 

when you really want to bring simple bag in medium size but you-just-can’t. *too much stuff to bring* *mostly unimportant things* 

when you accidentally reading comments on public figures’s instagram and that’s just rude. really really rude.

when you just want to show to the world about your hobby in photography and you just want to share some photos of you having a great time with great makeup and clothes, but suddenly there are stupid comments appears from stupid people, talking about your clothes about your look. 

you’re not perfect, bitch. 

and what else? 

i’m done with this worlds. 


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