the heart just told me. 

how could someone gets so easily in love?

that is the major question which I always never get the right answer.

probably, moving on is the most hardest things to do. 

believe me. I’ve tried. and I can’t.

I’m feeling uneasy right now. for what happened. this kind of feeling confused me all the time. 

I am in the position and condition where I want someone who could take my back, but I don’t have much time for him. 

at this moment, all I want to do is giving all of my free time for my family and my best friend. the one that I’ve always looking for when I need some light, when I need to laugh, when I need to hear some jokes. 

I really don’t have time for having a great date night with someone special. only two of us. 

maybe that will fun, temporary. 

well, that will happen when you met someone boring af and always asking unimportant questions, stupid question just to make a conversation. 

tbh, I hate that kind of person. 

for me they just not boring but dull. 

I love someone who can always makes me laugh till drop. 

who always know something. who always having a great story to tell. 

yeah. that kind of guy who always hard to reach because there’s always something that prevents. 

I don’t want to fall into the wrong path anymore.

one mistake is just more than enough for me. 


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