skincare 911.

a few days ago, I saw myself on mirror and found out if my skin was very dry. I have an oily skin type, mostly oily on my face, around the nose and I am frightened out of with my current skin. it’s too damn dry.

I only brought my daily moisturizer which I usually put on my face every morning before sunscreen and its oily free.

I’m on travel right now in Surabaya, East Java – Indonesia. To be honest, the weather in Surabaya is really dry and sunny. Plus, I spending almost 24 hours x 7 days in AC because I am living in apartment and my colleague really love AC. Every morning I always make my bed and open my window and let the sunlight wash my room. So it won’t turn humid.

After found out about what happen on my skin, I browse many kind of skincare which is for dry skin and finally I choose this wonderful skincare from local brand called Wardah. I bought it on Guardian for about IDR 34k something.


Wardah Hydrating Aloe Vera Gel is really good on me. It’s works pretty well. I just found out if you can also using this beauty as primer as well before you putting your foundation or BB cream. Well, this one is in on my skincare list for travel.

AND last but not least, finally I bought this baby Lucas’ Papaw  Ointment.


It’s hard to find this gel which is having the same formula as healing cream and vaseline in Indonesia.

I using this gel for my lips because I do have a cracking lips problem all the time.

I’ve been trying Vaseline Lip Therapy, Nivea Butter Lip, Sebamed Lip Defense and many more, but this one is really works on me.

I put this gel into my lips every day before sleep and before using lipstick. Okay, I using it every time I need it.

Well, that’s all for today and I hope you guys have a great weekend! It’s Sunday by the way.

Thank your for reading and please leave a comment below and let’s be friend!



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